• Karen Bradfield

November in Buffalo

Fall is my favorite season. In Buffalo we sometimes have a number of seasons' weather all within the same week. This week was sunny, rainy and cold, with red and yellow leaves scattered about, and some snow in the forecast. There's no heat in my studio, so work yesterday was brief. I added some white horizontals to my latest FMB painting:

I don't work from photos, it's all remembered/adjusted colors and external impacts. I also don't try to re-create the image, photography is for that. The Gulf side of Florida can be stunning with its blue green water and bright white sand- on a sunny day its magic. Ft. Myers Beach (FMB) is in southwest Florida, just north of Naples and the Everglades. It's an outer bank really, just a spit of land about a mile wide and 10 miles long.

The painting has a cold edge to it and does not reflect the Florida heat from that day last March- perhaps because I was cold yesterday in the studio! Funny how my remembrance of a glorious hot day translated to a more immediate coolness. The paintings seem to chose the colors for themselves; starting with a magenta followed by blues definitely set the cooler tone.

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