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Thinking of Ptown- October

Provincetown is the almost perfect combination of urban and sea and gay stuff. You never need a car, there's choices for everything and (almost) everyone in a White New England kind of way, and the art is amazing, historical, trendy, typical, over-priced and possibly pretentious ! As a retired white lesbian, I can go pretty much anywhere and be underestimated- not a bad thing! It allows me to view others' work with no expectation or assumption of handing over large sums of money for that newly discovered masterpiece from ( insert old dead white guy's name here).

This painting was done in the studio, using sketches I did after we wandered about and on MacMillan Wharf. It shows the jumble that the town is- wealthy and poor and renovated and not- all with the same stunning views of Cape Cod Bay and the working port of Ptown. It's kind of a push/pull experience overall and I hope the painting reveals that.

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