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Why are there no great women artists?

With more than a passing nod to Linda Nochlin- what the hell kind of a question is this? These male/female hierarchies are just bullshit. Does having more categories help this issue or make it more fractured while fixing nothing?

We visited the Castellani gallery in the Falls yesterday so I could get another look at some great art by women. The docent was giving a tour to one guy my age and put me on the spot as I was looking at "Begonia" by Joan Mitchell. After a remark he made I thought why is the choice of pinks and yellows considered "feminine" in this master work by Mitchell? Maybe the question I should have asked myself was why did one old white guy's random thought stick with me enough for me to give it credence? It annoys me to no end to realize how ingrained we are to consider the value/ feel the need to react to old men's opinions. Dismiss and move on, I say.

Joan Mitchell's "Begonia"; Castellani gallery

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