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Rhymes with Delirium

The opening reception went well, we had 46 people attend and did NOT run out of wine! (It seems our friends are no longer the big drinkers they once were.) I sold 2 paintings, many thanks to Felicia and Konrad, and got great feedback/ comments and questions.

The title of this post came to me after we learned Phyllis' Mom was not doing well. My relationship with Miriam is conflicted- I met her when she was 86. She was very different from my mother at that age: Miriam presented well socially, was interested in many things although very focused on herself, constantly talking. Unkind words came back to us from various sources, a sad and unnecessary move from someone depressed, isolated and unable to think past the present situation.

I'll be in West Palm Beach on Friday to see her -perhaps that visit will prompt me to finish her namesake painting:

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