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A Mixed Bag

We were in Florida a little over 2 weeks. Miriam was placed in hospice, our stress levels were through the roof, we did way too much driving in horrendous South Florida traffic, and the condo in FMB was not even close to being worth the money. We left that mess early and stayed in St Petersburg Beach for the last week- an excellent move overall. We visited the Chihuly Collection, the Morean Arts local show and the Museum of Fine Arts ( an amazing diverse collection !) all in downtown St. Pete. It is an area on the brink of gentrification so it's still funky and scrappy with a cool art vibe. Expensive condos full of visionless, pretentious straight white people are soon to follow <sigh>. It's that age-old push/pull between folks who can afford to buy art ( that doesn't necessarily match your couch) and those who make art needing the money to do basic things.

These 2 paintings try to capture the brilliant sun and expansive sky of yet another beautiful day in Florida in February.

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