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Shouldn't art be thought provoking?

In college a few years back, those of us in visual and performing arts felt outside of mainstream business and computer groups. We walked around covered in paint and sawdust, trying to change stuff. Idealistic views of community and reasonableness took precedence over money and miserableness. I still think this is possible- to make an impact in some important way through presenting work that makes people think of something other than themselves, if just for a moment.

My experience with 2 separate artists groups in the Buffalo area prompted this post. It seems one group paints as a hobby with little thought given to expression. The work is thin and superficial, with leadership treating everyone as if we maintained star charts. Maybe I'm taking this too seriously- my work is certainly not radical- but are these frivolous times with nothing at stake? I don't think so. Can we all be aware and speak our truth? Perhaps not everyone can, but I'll give it a go.

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