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Spring work

We closed on the new house/studio mid-April and have been working on it since. We are not gutting it, but instead finding things to fix/ cover/ work around due to poor materials and bad workmanship by the previous owners. The structure is very old, with logs serving as roof supports to prove it. Maybe 1870s or 1880s? Not as easy as we thought, but what ever is? The neighborhood is noisy and busy in a walkable, stuff is close by kind of way. It's a small house with no yard, garage or driveway. North facing, wood floors and an area different for both of us.

Just as an FYI- it is possible to dismantle a gas stove and move it out yourself.

I entered 3 shows and got accepted into 2: the WNYAG show (in March) and an LGBTQ+ show at the Erie Art Gallery for the month of June.

Excited to hear what the jurors for the Erie show have to say at the closing reception June 30. I submitted "On the ferry from Boston", which assumes Ptown as the "to"...

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