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Prep for opening our new space

It's not a gallery really, more a space for us to work, and invite folks to see stuff 2 times a year. We've been renovating since mid-April, and are nearly ready for the opening reception on July 28. The house was occupied right up until closing day, so all of its mechanics work, there was just infrastructure stuff no one wanted to deal with, until we did. (Do it now or do it later- you really can't ignore sagging floors in a house that's 144 years old! ) So we cleaned it out (when was the last time you saw a gas stove with an always on pilot light? ), cleaned it up (bah, not even going to discuss this), put in a new kitchen floor, built a supporting wall in the living room, installed 5 posts in the basement and painted every damn room! Changes to the bathroom are on the list for Feb. 2020. Ya need a tub, just sayin'...

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