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Where have I been?

Santa Fe in October was brilliant: a matriarchal experience, unplanned. Agnes Pelton's paintings are full of light and calm; Georgia O'Keeffe museum was busy and some of the work didn't view/photograph well due to plexiglas coverings, but it was great experiencing it all, regardless. The ancient and contemporary native work was amazing, especially the San Ildefonso Pueblo pots (with some Maria Martinez and her family's work !) Beautiful pieces made by folks unbroken by many 100s of years of white domination. Resiliency made obvious in clay and paint- remarkable!

We took a short drive south to Madrid, NM to check out the scene: a worn and dusty town, with a friendly, calm vibe. Two restaurant/bars, small shops selling native/local art (and some junk) and roadside bungalows from the 1920s. The painting below is from memory:

Always present was that sharp blue sky, clear and crisp, in contrast to/complementing dusty hills/mesas and expansive, great spaces. Can't wait to go back!

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