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Working on the house

Three houses between the 2 of us is too much. If you are someone who doesn't really care about keeping old houses in good shape, then what the hell, buy more. It's become hard to handle as we get older: climbing out windows to work on the gutters or roof, bah. Establishing a city-style garden in crappy soil where there was not a thing, also bah. Mostly it's the isolation, a 30 minute drive to anything I'm interested in, through signs of white miserableness and just plain hatred. It's a seller's market, so 'bye Tonawanda.

Prepping to sell will keep us busy until Spring. I have to remember that we are trying to appeal to buyers in this particular area, not city people like me. The focus has to be that there is nothing to do but move in. Updated you name it. Some patio space is great also. Just mow and weed whack and you're done.

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